🆕 Number entry validation now possible

Number entry component now allows you to specify a min value and max value for validation.

If the user enters a value that’s not in the range, they will get a warning that’s specific to the range you provided.


Thought maybe that could preserve a 5-digit entry that starts with Zero if min/max is set to 5 — no luck. Still shaves the first zero :triumph:

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Gonna be one of those “love Team Glide” days …

Now @Mark how about an optional RegEx for text entry … come on … you know you love it?

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This would be mind-blowing :exploding_head:

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I agree, the zip code entry is still an issue :confused:

Is it possible to bound the minimum and maximum values from a field in the database? It looks like it is possible from the initial image but on my screen its setup differently. It doesn’t give me that option.

I can choose it, Eric.

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@ThinhDinh Yes, I see that. Its so strange because I saw it on your image but its not listed as an option on my UI.

On my UI all I get are these up and down arrows to increase or decrease the quantity.

RegEx would sort that too … just saying


In addition to RegEx implementation, it’d be great to see a “Validation Error” message field.
That way we could customize the validation as well the warning for the mismatch.


That would allow Glide to be used in so many more scenarios

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great, I hope they do the same with text input, max and min characters, to avoid people type long or short text


Oh, thank you Jesus!



Is there currently a way to force someone to enter 10 digits? (Phone number + area code?)

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We might have a problem with the whole thing starts with one zero or many leading zeros, but if it doesn’t, I assume you can force it by letting the min be 10000000000 (1 & 9 zeros), max be 9999999999 (10 nines)


Why do Min and Max values work as warning signals only instead of blocking/rejecting wrong values?

If a user writes an invalid value out of range (my case is from 1-10), this must be rejected but after 3-4 sec, the value is still appearing on screen and APP uses it without problem, it’s wrong!

Is it a bug or it was its working design? @Mark

Saludos muchachos!

I imagine it makes more sense in a form, where the submit button won’t work until you enter a value in range. But I suppose in a detail view screen, it’s only a warning? Since entry components on a view screen write directly to the sheet in real time, are you expecting it to clear out if the value is outside of the range?

Hola Jeff,

Well, at least I hope it will disable the wrong value and APP keeps working with last valid value otherwise, this improvement is going to lose benefits.

In every software you have used before, Min and Max values means the same: only allowed values between them!

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