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I have a form that includes a number field.

I created a custom action that includes a condition to check if the value in the number is greater than another value in my datasource that changes daily. However, the only option that Glide gives me is to enter a custom value (i.e. I can’t the value to another value in my datasource).

See what I’m seeing, I added “100” to test the action, but this needs to be dynamic from my datasource vs. a custom value.

Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 9.25.59 pm

Is there another way to achieve this?

Is the column that you want to compare it against also a number type?

that was it, so the logic is, the fields available in conditions are the ones of the same data type :handshake:

Yes. Although probably more correctly the same data type. So for example, if you were doing a text comparison (is/is not/includes/etc), you just need to be comparing text to text. So any column that returns text should be available. That could be a text column, or a template, or a joined list, an if-then-else, or a handful of others.


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