User input limit & Hide icon on bottom of screen

How do I limit the lowest number and highest number a user can input in the number entry component in glide app? I thought Min & Max Value did that, but it doesn’t. This seem to not be an option in neither tab/pages screen or form screen.

Also why does the form screen allow for the required field to appear in the number entry component, but it does not appear in the page/tab screen using the same number entry component? I don’t get why this difference exist.

Lastly my app has 2 pages, I only want the user to be able to navigate using the buttons inside the app. They work just fine, so how do I hide the icon buttons that automatically appear on bottom of screen?

Any help in any of these would be greatly appreciate.

  1. to limit the entry number, you would have to create your own entry field controlled by conditioning custom action… complicated
  2. it works on the edit and add form… it will block submit button
  3. required check makes sense only on forms and edits… again… to block submit button… in other cases, it is just info… useful when creating your own custom forms
  4. you can kind of hide tabs, by dragging them into the hamburger menu… or, use CSS:
[data-test="glide-app-bar"] {display: none !important}

copy this code, and paste it into the rich text component on each tab.

Ok I was able to fix #4 so thank you.

I’m looking at some CCS online to tackle # 1…yikes!

And for 2 & 3, I still think this should be an option in both forms & table/screen under the number entry component. Since you can add a button on table/screen that should help will locking it in as well if that’s something the creator wants. They’re pretty much both acting as forms in that instance imo. One is just a true form while the other feels more customized. Hopefully in a future update.

Thanks for all of your help!

Just saw the CCS code, will try it. Thank you.

Hi Uzo,

Ok I did what you said with the CCS code, I’ll screenshot here

it didn’t stop it from going in the negative. I would like for the minimum and max to be different in each group for obvious reasons.

the CSS code is to make the bottom bar disappear…
to control entry… you have to create your own… very complicated.
in Glide native element, You can only control submit button if the entry is negative

Ok I didn’t catch that. You’re right very complicated to do. Thanks again!

or you can create adjustment buttons, and control them with custom action… that would be the easiest way

and use CSS to make buttons look the way you want it

That does work for form validations and edit screens. It won’t work (only showing the error, not enforcing the validation) if you’re using details screen, because entry components on details screen are not tied to a native “form submission” action. You would have to do that validation yourself, if you’re trying to add a row.

You can configure that entry component in the form/edit screen and copy it to the details screen. That required text will be copied over.

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