Number Entry Component

I was wondering why under the number entry component why the minimum & maximum value was not automatically available? I’m only given the default value (which I don’t need) under the general screen. I’ve even looked at other templates to see what I was doing wrong, but my template is exactly the same, but theirs have the min & max value (which I do need) while mine does not. I’m really confused because I would think this is automatic to give users this choice with every number entry component. Is this a bug or what am I missing? Someone help me understand.

Also I looked at the different pricing and I notice some of the other templates have button components that I do not have, like button form. Is this an update issue? I read up on what’s available for each upgrade and it says 40+ components available to all across the board, but my component list is lacking some. Again, help me understand.

Is your project a Glide Apps or Glide Pages project? What about the templates you are looking at? Are they App or Page projects. There are differences in components between the two types of projects. Some features exist in one, but not the other. It’s hard to tell, but from your description it seems like you are confusing the two. If you have screenshots showing the component settings along with the rest of the screen, it might help to see what you are working with and what’s going on.

How do I check which one I’m using?

Ok I see what you mean I was working in projects instead of apps. I’m going to check it out. Thank you.

Ok I clicked on app, and I saw the 2 other app templates, but when I go to my projects I see everything. Where should I be looking?

Under the App screen the new project says it’s disabled.

I’m not sure I’m following. Are you talking about Team folders? On your dashboard you can have multiple Team folders. Inside of each Team folder, you can have App projects and Page projects. It’s the App and Page projects that are different.

Ok I’ll look at these two pages to see what I’m doing wrong.

Ok I see that I’m working with a public page. How do I change it over to working with an app?

I started over and saw what I did. Thank you so much for your help.

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