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In my app I can type in two different numbers, these two numbers are used in a formula and give a result. But as soon as I change one of the results the app freezes and I can’t change anything anymore. The letters that were whiter are now grey. Like in the pictures in attachment

Could somebody help me how to fix this so I can keep changing one of the numbers and the result changes automatically. Because it’s not good to close the app completely to type in new numbers.
Thank you

Usually when the entry components are grey, it means that the screen is not attached to any row. Do you have any filters on the screen based on one of those numbers? My first guess is that a filter kicks in, which detaches the screen from the row you were editing, so you no longer have a row to edit.

I thought so too but I didn’t apply any filters.

Can you describe in a bit more detail how you have that screen configured?

It looks like you have a details screen with a couple of input components. What type of columns are those components writing to? ie. basic columns or user specific columns?
Where is the calculation done - is it done with Glide math, or are you using spreadsheet formulas?

A couple of screenshots that show:

  • how your components are configured, and
  • the underlying Glide data table

…would be useful

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So I just have made three columns in the data sheet on Glide self.
So it’s basically one formula with two unknown numbers.
So I have two columns for each unknown.
In the app the two numbers you type in are just the two unknown for in the formula and after you filled in the two you get the result.

So in the left side under the SCREEN sign there is:
Tt text DATA: custom

123 Number entry DATA: Column with one of the unknown.

Tt text DATA: Custom

123 Number entry DATA: Column with the other unknown.

Tt Text DATA: The formula

Tt text DATA: Custom

Tt text DATA: another formula to convert the answer in degrees

I’m not sure if it’s related, but why do you have your formulas in text columns?
Surely they should be in math columns?

As I said, a screenshot of this would be really helpful.

Does this help?

This is the data sheet

The second column in your table has Row Owners applied. You need to remove that.

Question: Do you need to save the results of the calculation, or do you just want this to behave like a calculator where you provide inputs and see the results immediately?

Assuming the latter, this is what I would do:

  • Get rid of all those extra rows in the table so that you’re left with a single row
  • Delete the 2nd and 3rd columns in that table, and replace them with User Specific columns
  • Update your math columns to use the new columns
  • Configure the two input components on your screen to write to the two user specific columns

If you do all that, it will work.


Yes I just want it to act like a calculator.
But I don’t really understand the steps and where I need to change it.
In the data like the table on top of screen or the app itself like the phone on top of the screen.

It’s alright.
It works perfect now

Thank you!

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