Data entry using basic table layout

entering data is quite simple in glideapp.
But when there are many columns to fill, it becomes hectic and look like a never ending google form.

The recent feature “basic table” is beautiful, why not using the same feature but make an editable version, one that can be used to enter data?


Hey I would actually love this. Consider proposing it on:


How do I apply automated formula when users add new entry. It looks like Glide is not picking up the formula cells. It doesn’t differentiate between a formula cell and other cells. Can someone help me here?

You can either use arrayformula in the Sheets, or apply the right type of column in Glide. What do you want to achieve?

I want to create a product cost calculator app which contains a list of ingredients, number of servings, unit size and contains a formula that calculates the cost per unit.

We currently use a spreadsheet with too many sheets to calculate the cost of our products. What I need to make is an app that will facilitate the process and have users add new entries and when they add new entries, I want to the app to do automatic calculations like excel google sheet does. The thing is that the app is not reading from the formulas which are provided in the google sheets. So does the app use a different language or certain codings that I have to learn in order to create automated calculations?

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Glide doesn’t use google sheet formulas. You need to create a math column in the data editor that calculates your value from the other columns in the sheet. It’s not a special language or coding. Just math, and very similar to how the template column works.

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As I couldn’t find this idea in the feature request app, I now proposed it, taking @Menkashoo words.
Please upvote if you need it too.

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As of Feb 8, 2021 glide stopped its feature request app. Please upvote in the forum

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