Markdown file in glide

I have markdown file in google drive and I want to show the content in the blog page,
which type should be the column in googlesheets (with the link of the markdown file) and which type should be the component?

Hoooold on. You gotta explain things a bit more clearly. I’ll try to answer this question to the best of my ability.

From what I understand, you want to display markdown in Glide, correct?

:warning: Glide does not fully support Markdown/HTML/CSS - use it at your own risk.

Now, back to your question. If you would like to display markdown in Glide, you would need to display it in the rich text component. However, there are some limitations. Glide does not support the html tag and other features may break.

However, there is some good news! You wouldn’t need to enter the file into a column in Glide/Google Sheets - Rich Text supports custom text!

So, in conclusion, make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Add a Rich Text column.
  2. Select custom in the three dots menu
  3. Paste that markdown!

I think this way it’ll be easier than the way you originally wanted to do it.


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First of all thank you so much!!! Sorry if it wasnt clear, you understood my question correctly.

As I understood your answer is without using a link of md. from googledrive.
but this app is for a client and I neet to do it with google drive, becouse I dont want the client will use glide, just upload files to googledrive, and glide will read those files and display them.

Do u have any idea how to do it?

Hi again! :wave:

I don’t think that’s possible with Google Sheets - but wait.

Do you think that could be achieved with a template column? Or any other of Glide’s computed columns? Those are pretty powerful too.

So, from what I understand - clients upload a file to Google Drive - via Glide or via Google Drive’s upload? If it’s via Google Drive’s upload, then I recommend dropping that as it requires a lot of sharing, back and forth, and communication - when it can all be done with a form button!

In the form, you can prompt the users to upload a file via the Form Button. Then, that will upload it to your Sheet - a better alternative to having your users upload via Drive.

What does the markdown file contain? Item-specific or user-specific data? Or is it always the same? Or is the markdown file what the user is actually uploading?

Thanks, Pablo

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thanks so much again!!

but im sorry again, I think you have got me wrong. ill try my best to do it clearlier.
Its blog app.

  1. the client upload files of articles to google drive, these files are displayed in MarkDown.
  2. the client also put the link of these articles in the google sheets of glide (the googlesheet should apear in google drive and in glide both),
  3. then I wants these links of the articles that display as markdown files will load in glide.

its ok now?

Glide cannot read the contents of an uploaded file the way you want it to. Can’t your user just write the markdown to the sheet, either through a form in the app, a google form, or direct access to the sheet? If you can get the markdown text directly into a column cell in the Google sheet, then there is no need to upload a separate file. Otherwise you will need to find a third party process or script to parse through the file and write the markdown text to the sheet. What you want isn’t natively possible with glide.


ok thanks!!

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