How do you handle running a Blog on a Glide App?

One of my customers wants to have a blog section.

He wants to be able to publish posts every week.

We know it’s possible, however it’s a bit un-user friendly managing this in a Google Sheet cell.

Have you guys developed any integration (or Zap) to facilitate this flow?

I’m thinking Google Doc --> Google Sheet. Customer writes a post on a Google Doc, and this gets pasted into a Sheet Row. But then I’ll have to see how to deal with titles and overall formatting.

Is the Google Doc the only place the blog post is going to be live in?

I would say publish it on the main blog page, add a link to the page, and use web view to read the blogpost inside the app.


Thanks for the tip, however my customer doesn’t use any blogging platform and I would like the experience to be somehow native of the app.

I’m currently managing this through a Text component, and I paste the post within the related cell. Works fine for me, but it won’t fly with the customer - it will look messy.

That’s why I thought of Google Docs + Zapier. Might be easier for him and it would spare me the admin work.

I have a similar section in my portfolio app:

I tried embedding shared content from Medium, Notion, and Evernote but none of these platforms allow embedding.

However, in my app, I have published these posts on my website (managed by Wix), which allows embedding it in a Glide web view and it works really well for me. Scroll to the bottom where you see a list of blog posts I have published. All these posts open inside the app using the web view option.

Totally understand the limitation around not having a publicly hosted blog. I think Google Docs allow embedding, but not without having to manually set up sharing.

You could probably find something that converts google docs to markdown and somehow get the resulting markdown in a cell in the sheet, then use a rich text component to display it in the app.

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Is your client willing to use markdown for formatting?

This is a website that supports it:

Demo of how it works.



This got me thinking.
I used this utility to convert a published page to markdown:

Looks pretty neat to me:

Check the first post in the list of articles.


Thank you all guys for your suggestions.

I believe teaching my client to write in markdown (or better, using an app) is the way to go.

A pity that Glide is not SEO ready yet. All that content would drive traffic.

Will have to teach him, or better I’ll have him using an app.

Is it possible to add markdown in Sheet cells? I tried it but it didn’t seem to work.

Sure is! You could format a cell like this:

# Header  
Here is some text that's **important**.  

[Here's a link to a website](  
and an image:  
![snip image](

Just make sure you space twice at the end of each line before doing a return character within the cell (command-enter on a mac…shift enter I think on a windows device)

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@Robert_Petitto: Excellent, thank you! I wasn’t adding two spaces.

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