Formatting tips?

I am writing all my content in Google docs and copy/pasting to Markdown ( to bring over the formatting into Glide. It’s working well, but not perfectly. It’s not picking up bold or line breaks… Any ideas on how to solve? Image attached. Glide_·Create_Apps_from_Google_Sheets_and_​:woman:t2::fried_egg:_Cooking-Part_1_​:woman:t2::fried_egg:-_Google_Docs|690x467

George’s tip in here might help? Rich text not displaying correctly

It’s obvious that the converter that you are using is not picking up the bold or the line breaks. Why don’t you just do your writing in markdown and cut out the middleman so to speak. There are a few online ( and desktop installed editors (Visual Code with a Markdown add-on) that will do instant conversions so you can see pretty much what it will look like. You could also do it in Glide by writing a simple app. Doing it in Glide using markdown syntax would actually be best since you would end up seeing it exactly how it will look in your app.

I realize that you are comfortable with writing in Google docs, but as you have found out the conversion is not working 100%.

Oh very interesting! Okay will look into this. Thank you for the suggestions!