Best way to create long(ish) articles

We do a lot of articles and use WordPress to create and house them. What would be the best way to incorporate those articles into Glide?

I watched a video that showed a field that has rtf text in it, which may be the best and/or only way to accomplish this. Like an image, does Glide allow for a link to a Google Doc for the article text? That would be awesome because we create our articles in GDocs then just copy it to WP.

Just wanted to get your thoughts on how to be go about this from an implementation and workflow standpoint.


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Just to give you some direction, which I can’t verify at the moment …

In Glide, there is no direct way to embed the content of a Google Doc into the rich text component. In any case it should not be difficult to achieve this thanks to external services; I cannot verify now but I believe that they exist and that they can be integrated through zapier or integromat.

Also, I think it shouldn’t be difficult to create a function in Apps script that converts the document content to html and then saves it in a GS column. The latter is the direction I would follow if I were to experiment for myself.