Maps Componenten Invisible / Not Rendering

Since yesterday evening I have this issue in my Glide templates that my maps components are not rendering when I login in chrome on my businesses Google account.

I have cleared all my cache, restarted the browser but it doesn’t render the map component.

On the same computer in another session of Google chrome logged into google chrome with my Gmail address this is working.

On my other PC it is working on both browser sessions however, so it’s probably an exotic issue.

I probably saw the same thing last week, it was working in my Safari browser but not Chrome, colleagues were not able to reproduce.

Interesting thing is I have a Mapbox integration in the same app (custom code), and it was not rendering as well.

Indeed it’s weird. Still after closing down my computer restarting the browser session the issue persists today. When doing demo’s I’ll need to use my private browser or another laptop …

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That’s definitely weird. If you have any news please tell me. Thank you!

The issue still remains …

I assume this topic might also be related to this one? Map not showing - #8 by Tim_Gestels

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