Maps and calendar in conference app

Hi all,

Here’s a tricky issue for you.
Maps component don’t recognize addresses in Hebrew and not showing correct addresses in Israel even when written in English.

Any thoughts on why this is happening?

Another thing,
In calendar, is it possible to change the time to be in 24h instead of 12? In IL we don’t use this kind of formating. I’m already converting the format of the date and then change by so glide could read it as it’s not playing nice with dd/mm/yyyy formatting.


@yinon_raviv I have formatted my time as 6/12/2019 16:00:00 and this shows up nicely as 12th of june 2019 at 16.00. In Denmark we use 24H.

The recommandation from glide is found here: - but here they recommend another datatime MM/DD/YYYY HH:MMAM/PM

Does that help you out?

Hi @Krivo

Appreciate the quick response but I already red this and it doesn’t help.
I’ll try to better explain. On the calendar screen itself the left column shows the time. Currently it shows it as 5pm for example while I would like it to be 17:00.
Second, in IL we read date as dd/mm/yyyy so when you wrote 6/12/2019 I read it as Dec 12th and not June twelve - that what I meant above the I change the dates to my view to present it to users and then change again their submission so that glide will read it correctly.

@yinon_raviv I did have problems some time ago where 6/12/2019 showed up as 6th of december while 6/13/2019 showed up as 13th of june (correct). But this is fixed now.
We (in Denmark) show date the same way as you dd/mm/yyyy - and it works.
For some reason my google sheets shows date as mm/dd/yyyy - but is actually the correct date as google sheets shows me a calendar when inputting data.
I have put in a formular to create the datatime like =if(G3<>"",B3+C3,"") where B3 is the date in the suggested google sheet format and C3 is the time in danish format - like 16:00

hi @Krivo and all,

so for some reason this doesn’t work good for me on the time level (the dates I managed to work) but although the time is written in my sheet in 24h format (i.e. 16:00) in glide it is shown as 12h clock (i.e. 4:00PM).

anyone have any idea how to make glide present a 24h clock? below are screenshots from my sheet and fromm the connected app:

as you can see the date appears well as Juky 8th but the time is shown with PM on 12h view

getting crazy here :hot_face:

Hi @yinon_raviv,

Check out my conference app: In my calendar view, the time is shown in 24h format. Here you can see a screenshot of the “Time slot” column:


As for the address display issue, did you fix it in the end? I would suggest use coordinate data instead of address. Please refer to the Glide library for more details.

It does work for me. I made a small app where things work as expected.
Have a look - you can copy the app

Thank you all. Apparently this is due to the browser settings.
My settings were for the USA so it showed the am/pm and once changed it to regular English it work well.

Thanks a lot for all of you!

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