Calendar View shows 12hr clock on web, 24hr on android

When I look at the time format for calendar view on web it shows the intended 12 hr time format eg. 2:00 PM, but when I check the same screen on Android Samsung Note 10+, Chrome, it shows 24hr clock eg. 14:00

How do I get the android view to display 12hr time format?


Is your phone set to 24 hr format? What region is the phone set at? It should be displaying based on the phone’s settings.

My phone is in 12hr format, Region is Toronto Canada

I’m in Ottawa and see similar formatting… but not all the time and usually it’s different in the Editor and on my phone (both same location and settings). I’ve improved things a bit by changing my phone’s default language to English US but still have it happening sometimes. Not sure why

@kyleheney Are you saying on the same device, with the same browser, and the same location settings, it sometimes shows in 12 and sometimes in 24 hour formats?

Here’s what I can confirm I’ve seen:

If I open the Editor on my phone (I do this sometimes to make changes to an app quickly, by using “Desktop Site” in Chrome to load the Editor properly on my phone), the times are shown in 12hr format.

If I open my app on my device (same device, with app saved to homescreen), the app loads with 24hr times showing. I noticed this last week and was able to “fix” it by switching my device’s default language to English US (instead of English Canada).

Edit: this also resulted in the date format changing from DD/MM/YYYY to MM/DD/YYYY (Canadian to American?). Again though, prior to making the language change on my phone, the editor was in “US” format and my app was in “Canadian” format. Same device, same Chrome browser.

I’m still having this problem. On desktop (both in the editor and in chrome) it’s the 12hr clock as expected.

On my Samsung Note 10+ it shows a 24hr clock. Tried deleting and reinstalling the “save to homescreen” app, but still get the same result. Any news on this?

@ray_d Do you have the same language and location set on the desktop and on your phone? What is it? English US?

MacOS Catalina 10.15.4
Language and region: English(Canada)

Language = English (Canada)

Which notation do you see on your phone in other apps?

12 hr clock with am/pm

I checked the app in on my phone (Samsung Note 10+ Android) on Firefox and it displays the correct, intended AM/PM format. It seems to be a problem only on Chrome, Android.

Definitely something with English (Canada) format as I have very similar behaviour in my apps.

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@Mark @kyleheney that’s it! I believe we isolated the bug! When I change my default language setting from English (Canada) to English (United States) on my Android Samsung Note 10+, the time format in Chrome changes to the correct 12hr clock!

So it’s a Chrome, Android, Language (Canada) bug.

@Mark is this enough info to fix?

It seems that Chrome thinks that English/Canada should use the 24hr format. Wikipedia says both notations are used in Canada, so I’m not sure there’s anything to fix.

Would you want to override the time format in your app, independent of which locale the app user has?

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Yes yes yes! This would make things so much simpler. Glide date formatting should have the option to force the actual format, not just the short/medium/long. This would help prevent issues with apps that hit different countries or specific user settings.

Yes. Because I have other views in the app where I have formatted the time in the spreadsheet to am/pm and it becomes an inconsistent and confusing experience for the user when they go to the Calendar/Agenda view and see time displayed in 24hr time.

How do I force the calendar/agenda view to always display in 12hr format?

Right now you can’t.

Why are you using the spreadsheet to format date/times, versus Glide?

Would you be happy with an option that let you pick the app’s language, which would include the date/time formatting?

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The format that Glide presents the dates in are not how I want them displayed in my app. I want them to read “Tue. Sept. 5, 2020 • 5pm EST” So in the google sheet I format, them to look like that, then feed them back for a nice label view of the time. But then Glide changes the format in Schedule/Calendar view to 24hr time (17:00) which sucks because it’s now an inconsistent experience. By the way, everything on my phone shows AM/PM except for Chome Glide app, so maybe your defaults for Canadian defaults should be adjusted. Other than in the province of Quebec, the whole of Canada uses AM/PM, so is there any way to reflect that in Glide?

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Agreed! Glad to have another Canadian on this forum to share my pain! There really must be something off with the Canadian settings in Glide because I tend to experience the same things as @ray_d. It’s almost like Glide defaults to Canada - French instead of Canada - English.