Issue with date & time picker in 12-h format only

I’m having an issue with the “Glide” date & time picker cos it’s not displaying time in 24-h format but in 12-h instead, but my clients (in Europe) need to choose the time in 24-h format.
Is it possible to solve this somehow??

Have you tried on an actual device? What language is your local browser set to?

I used to try it on a few different devices with different settings and different browsers (Edge n Vivaldi). Same issue.
Desktop and notebook - both English. Regional time format 24 hrs

It works for me if I change my browser language to UK English instead of US English. This is on Android/Chrome.

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Great Great Thanks!
I changed the language to “UK Eng” instead of “US Eng” and it works. Actually, very strange that it’s impossible to set up this setting in the date& time picker oneself, but this is the solution, at least.

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