Time in calendar shows as AM when PM set

Entries in a calendar view show as AM. When I view the detail screen, they show as PM. When I go to Edit, they are AM. When I changed to PM and save, for a moment they stay as PM, but once Glide applies the correct time format, they switch back to AM.

Here’s a video showing it happening (it might need to process before you can watch it)


Or here’s the download link:


Also, when I check the spreadsheet, the time correctly shows PM there.

I do have the spreadsheet set with the correct locale and timezone.


I think the problem here is that Glide can’t read the time format you set in your spreadsheet. Could you maybe just try removing the colon between the time and AM/PM?

Thanks. Nice pick up, Mark! That fixed it. Can I make the Calendar view show the am/pm instead of 24hr time?


I think the time is displayed based on your local country locale. I changed my browser from English (US) to English (UK) and the formatting of the date in the calendar changes based on my browsers locale.



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Thanks, Jeff. That seems to have helped. I didn’t notice any change at first, but today it was displaying right.

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