Tons of Issues with Dates/Times in Sheets

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Still having tons of issues with dates/times rendering correctly in Glide. In Sheets, sometimes the cells reads 04/10/2020 8:00am as it should be: April 10, 2020 8am. Other times, it reads 04/10/2020 as October 4, 2020. How can I get this to equal out? I’m not sure why the date format is reading differently in my Date column for the Calendar component.

Can anyone help me on this? Is there something I need to format in Sheets to prevent this from happening?

Here’s a screenshot. See how one of my dates/times shows pm next to it? Not sure why that one has it and the others don’t. I typed them in all the same way, and they all have the Date/Time format assigned to it in Sheets. Usually, when I type in the time with either am or pm, it takes off the pm or am automatically in Sheets. Not sure what’s going on…


Ok, I think I got it. I went back over the documentation and it turns out that my Locale and Time Zone in Spreadsheet Settings were set to London, England. Why? I have no idea. Yikes.