Mapbox bug? 2 different map pins on Glide editor vs public URL

On Glide editor and as should be, Parliament station shows up in Melbourne VIC. (tried to attach screenshot but limited by 1 image for new user)

On public URL, the same Parliament station appears to be in the USA

What’s the address in the address column look like?

Thanks Jeff, the address I input is:

Parliament Station, Spring St, East Melbourne VIC 3000

Are you pointing the address parameter to the address column, or the name column?

Yup: attached

The strange thing is it appears correctly on the data editor, but upon loading the public URL, the parliament station pin suddenly moves to USA

Should the address be:
230 Spring St, East Melbourne VIC 3002

or maybe just:
Spring St, East Melbourne VIC 3000

I’m thinking the address might not be formatted correctly and it’s getting confused.

amazing! that works. Very strange how the Google address doesn’t work. The 230 is a miracle.

Thanks Jeff

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When I searched for your address in Google, it showed the other address. I suppose Google and mapbox interpret addresses a little differently.

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