Map Not Updating

I’m sure there’s something simple that I’m overlooking…

But, when I update the location of “attractions” on my city guide template g-sheet, the map doesn’t update in my app. I’m still seeing the original San Francisco based attractions instead of those that I edited to appear in St. Louis, Missouri. I used latitude and longitude, first. When that didn’t work, I added STL based test addresses.

I’m playing around with the template to determine if it will work as a tool for those trying to identify public and private land site where tree planting is permitted to naturally help combat Co2 emissions.

I am hoping to set it up so that when a land owner submits the necessary data (or if I populate new data in the sheet manually), the locations appear on the map and all land locales searchable by the prospective planter’s current location.

I’m using the “Attractions” category in the app template/Gsheet to specify “Planting Sites”.

How long did you wait to see the update? It can take up to 3 minutes for the update to appear. If you are in the Developer you can click on the Reload Sheets and it will update right away.

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I opened the app and I’m seeing points in St. Louis.


Thank you very much.
I’m seeing it now, too. I think I was toggling between the developer and my open G-sheet where I was editing, but I neglected to reload.
Appreciate the prompt responses.

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