Instant updates not working

I bought the pro plan and the updates are showing up on my google sheets but they’re not connecting to the app. how to fix so the updates are immediate?

What kind of updates are you making? Please see

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hey! i already read through that. i mean when i update a row on google sheets i want it to instantly or in 1 minute show up on the app but now it’s not showing on the app after 2 hours.

It still doesn’t load if you press the refresh button in the Glide Editor?

I don’t want to press refresh every few minutes haha

Changes to rows in your sheet should update in your app within 3 minutes. If this is not the case, please make us a video with showing where it’s not updating.

The only way it could take longer is if your sheet has become incompatible with your app (if you delete a column or sheet used in your app). In this case, syncing stops indefinitely until you manually reload in Glide.

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figured it out! my name titles were messed up. thanks for the help