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Is there any possibility to manually reload the Spreadsheet in the Private Pro version? I have a button that sends some data to Zapier. The data is then put in the Spreadsheet. This process takes 2 seconds. However, it can take a few minutes for the results to show up in the Glide app. Is it possible to add ‘reload spreadsheet’ as an action to a button?

You can create a button with an action that will set or increment a value in your sheet. This should force glide to send the update to Google and resync the data.

I tried this, but only works 1 out of 5 times instead of always

How are you doing it?

I see now it works every time; however, the loading time is between 5 - 10 seconds; sometimes, I will try to look for a workaround upon pressing the button. Thanks for your help!

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It is normal to take a few seconds for data to first travel from the user device, to the glide server, to the Google sheet, then resync from Google to the Glide servers…and then from the Glide servers back to the user devices.

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5 - 10 seconds is fast. It might be more than 10 seconds in many of my cases. Hoping for a Glide Table API very soon so we can get this problem out of the way.


I was looking yesterday to check if it already exists, but unfortunately, it doesn’t. A Glide Table API would fix many problems and would Glide a lot more usable in more use cases.

For now, it does exist for enterprise clients.

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