Glide relation column take time to load

I have a zap trigger and with this I get data in spread sheet. Than I make relation column to fetch data of another sheet but it took time to load data

How much time does it take for the relation column to “load”? Can you reproduce it in a video? PLease check here the video

If you’re waiting for data to sync from the Google Sheet, then the delay seen in your video is normal and expected.

I can see that you have a Pro App, which means you will have access to the Glide API. If you push the data directly to Glide via the API you will get much faster results.

I am new for the glide. May you please help me to use API so I can fetch the result faster

You’ll find a video tutorial in the following document link that specifically covers API integration with Zapier.

Okay let me check

Thankyou it works for me

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