Make update button exclusive

My app is for a small group (50-60) of people. It allows them to track and update miles accumulated for a cause. They’re enrolled externally, not via the app.

Right now, anyone can update anyone’s miles. It’s a pretty trusted group, but the app would be more robust if each person could update only their own miles.

I think I set the app up incorrectly. Can I make my UPDATE button exclusive to the owner or do I need to re-configure?


Row ID ?


Depends on what you want the other users to see

In addition, I’d add that you can set visibility on the button to only show of the email in the row matches the signed in user. In a small group like yours, that may be the easiest. Row Owners works too, but then nobody will be able to see anybody else’s results.

@Jeff_Hager You’re amazing. This works exactly as I wanted.

Thanks for being so generous with your expertise.