Make from 4 inlinelists to one

Hi everyone, I saw this in videos, but I can’t recreate it, it hacked somewhere.

I have four tables here, these show four tires of the higher-level tire set.

However, I don’t want to display them one below the other, but side by side in an inline list, how do I do that?

Here’s how I do four inline lists set up 2x2 but I’m not sure if it will work for your case.

You could do step 4 in Glide with relations + lookups

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yes, but @Robert_Petitto it showed how to do it in some of his videos, but I can’t get it to display 4 side by side from these tables below.

Trying to understand your question and how your screen is set up. Your screenshot above shows what appears to me like 1 inline list with 4 items. You mention that you have 4 tables. I assume by tables, you mean lists. So are you saying that you have 1 list with 4 items, or 4 separate lists with 1 item each?

there are 4 different tables for 4 wheels (front right, front left, rear right, rear left). these are displayed in 4 inline lists. I don’t want to display these 4 inlinelists vertically but horizontally

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I’m just curious. Why do you have separate tables for each tire instead of all tires in the same table with another column to identify if it’s a front left, rear right, etc.?

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i want to give each tire its own screen. figured that is the easiest way to do it. If I only create one table with all tires, is my idea better to implement? ps: the tires are currently set in relation to the warehouse number, in the tire hotel

when i go into the tire, the screen looks like this, i wanted to have a screen per tire and not all 4 tires in one, that was the idea. But I’m new to glide and I’m grateful for tips

I think one table would be a whole lot easier. You would still have a row for each tire, so when you view each one, you would still be viewing a single tire instead of 4. You would also have only one tire detail screen to design instead of 4.

This would also help with your design for you list, because you would be able to use a tiles layout, which lets you display list items in grids up to 4 items wide. Something like this:

As for your relation, you have a couple of options. Either you assign the Warehouse ID to each tire in the tire table and then create a relation from the warehouse table to the tire table linking those ID’s, or you create a comma delimited list of tire ID’s in the warehouse table row, then use a split column to split the comma delimited list into an array, then create your relation from that split array in the warehouse table to the tire ID in the tire table.