Side-by-Side Inline

I recently stumbled across a way to display a side by side inline list and thought I would share.

In my opinion the most aesthetically pleasing layout for this is a Tiles view with Tile Shape 3:2 and x2 per row.

Below we are pulling data from different columns for the right and left sides.

I did most of the work in GSheets and it uses a lot of rows so I’d be interested in moving the logic to Glide. Anyways here it goes…

Step 1
Create a list of duplicate Names (hello row count :crazy_face:)


=QUERY({A2:A;A2:A},"select *",1)

Step 2
Remove the blanks (Start a new tab and put this =filter in Column A)



Step 3
Now that we have a list of duplicate Names we can apply the following logic. (The first time our formula finds a name mark it “Sales” the second time mark it “Commissions”)



Step 4
Next we use “Sales” & “Commissions” as conditions for a =vlookup to make the magic column.



Step 5
Finally set filter in glide to Name is > Screen > Name and… Voila!