How do i get col A and B to show in inline tiles

How do i get col A and B to show in inline tiles

What tricks would i do to get this results?

So you want the column names to show in tiles?

In details.

If you’re talking about column names, then you should have separate columns to refer to.

If you’re not changing the column names, I assume you can use a template column to populate each row of your data with the column names and then use it for display.

You mean col or row? All data is in 1 row.

As for template, it really doesn’t come out great. for the sake of it looking good i want it to read 2 col from row 1.

This is what i tried with the template.

Can you give me a example of what you mean?

If i can insert a enter in the template. then i may be able to work with it.



You should be able to insert an enter (or a new line, if I understand you right) in the template column. Does it just not work, or do they not display the way you want?

Can you describe more about your use case here for us? I’m not sure I have fully understood it. Thank you.

The enter dose not show correctly.

It wont split the way i want it to.

I see the enter after the text and not between the text.

What exactly are you confused with? I am trying to either make a enter in my template. Or have a name on the right and left of the title, like this image The data would pull from 2 col of the same row.

i can probably use both.

If I understand correctly, you are trying to show 2 inline list items. Lists are designed to show one item per row. You only have one row, so it’s only showing one item. I think it’s confusing for us to understand because you are trying to do something that glide is not designed to do.

My suggestion would be to create a separate sheet that contains a user column, a title column, and a description column. Create 2 rows for each user, then put the title you want and the description that you want to display. Create a relation from your main sheet to this new sheet by user. Then set your inline list to display the data from the relation. This will give you 2 tiles like you want.

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I am having a hard time understanding the last part. How do i get the second tiles? do you have a example? if i put the relation in details, That’s 1 title. How do i get the second tiles?

You have to get 2 rows to show 2 tiles.

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And if understood correctly, 1st column for Player 1, and 2nd column for Player 2

Yes col1 player name col2 Attack 1, col3 attack 2.

So this is where i get stuck.
Does the relationship include multiple?
Where do i add the relationship in the inline list?

Unless this is what is what i need to do on the sheet?

i am looking to avoid this.