Lookups to new columns

hello , sorry looking for help , i have a lookups column , but this column limits much to use its data , as am using line items docs automator integration , the Json of this fields comes to contain square brackest which make them locked , so i was looking a way to create a new column taht would be copying that data lookups column to new normal coulmn or if i would be able to remove the sqaure brackets from the json to make it a flattened text , refer some screensot

In what format do you need it to be to comply with DocsAutomator’s rule? If you need it to be a comma-delimited list for example. you can use a joined list column instead of a lookup.

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You are getting the square brackets in the JSON because your Lookup is returning an array.
That suggests that the Lookup is targeting a multiple relation or Query column.
If a multiple relation, try changing it to a single relation (uncheck the match multiple box).
If a Query, use a Single Value column instead of a Lookup.

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I tried to unchek the multiple box, and everything disappered in the lookups

Can you show me how the relation is configured please?

Thanks Darren , just figured out by calling a joined list from the look up and the square bracket were removed , also wanna ask how can i set a condition as a flow of a new screen and no details to display , i have a hint …like sorry you have no products ! the page is not related to products so i wanna set some conditionor css that would show the hint when the screen has no something

So it’s the next screen that “doesn’t have any products”? If you can have a count of the number of products via relation + rollup, then you can setup a custom action based on that rollup.