Lookup vs vlookup function

Hi guys,

I am having an issue that I can complete but hoping glide would be able to make it smoother.

Basically, I have products that are linked by unique codes thus creating my relation. I am then using the lookup function in glide to extract individual specifications for each item so that I can link them together even further.

For example:

Item 1:
Code 001
Linked code: 002
Colour, Red

Item 2:
Code 002
Linked Code 001
Colour, blue

Therefore, I use the relation in Code 001 to highlight code 002 and then a lookup to pull all 002’s information, in this case. colour blue.

The other way around was to create VLOOKUP’s individually on the sheet however this is more complicated and could be more prone to issues,

so my question is:

Once I’ve created my lookups via glide app - what can I actually do with them? and how do I use the data created within the lookup column? can I add it to a component etc? can I use it as a special column that can be pulled when a form is filled in?

The goal is, once I use a form to pull Item 1’s data, Item’s 2 data will also come with it and be stored in the sheet.

Sorry if it doesn’t make sense, been stuck on this issue for a while.


The relations & lookups basically link your current row with more rows, thus enrich the information it can provide.

With the lookup on top of single value columns, you can display them in text components, write them using screen columns inside a form etc.