How can I use lookups in a glide app?

Hey, i’m trying to use a lookup in my app so when someone adds an entry, their email is saved, then a lookup function looks up their name and then displays their name on the entry. The problem is that when I try to do this currently, whenever i add a new one it just adds it to the bottom without copying the function. Is there a way to do this? I know arrayformula is a thing but when I try to do it with my current formula, it doesn’t work.

You can use the VLOOKUP formula in your sheet for this.

Here is how you make it continue to work as new columns are added:

hi david,
i’ve tried using vlookup with arrayforumula, however it’s not working properly, the formula i’m using is =ArrayFormula(VLOOKUP(C2, Users!A2:C100006, 2, false)) but i only get this:

Try changing C2 to C2:C
You could also change your C100006 to C in your range.

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that works, thank you!!

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