Lookup data not showing in inline list

It sounds like you are close, but the relation may be the problem. I suspect one side of your match for the relation is using the user profile feature instead of the user profile sheet (I know that sounds weird). Can you share a screenshot of your relation column settings and your lookup column settings?

Here is the relationship

– Removed image due to content of data. –

Second reply contains the lookup…

Here is the lookup


Thank you for reviewing this…

Looks like the setup here is right. What are your visibility conditions for the items? Are they not showing the right name for the items or can you only see the posts made by the signed in user?

The only items that are visible are for the signed in user. The correct name is showing only on those posted by the signed in user.

Are you filtering the list by signed in user or using row owner feature?

Something looks off to me. In your lookup column settings, I’m used to seeing the relation name along with the column name. So in your case, instead of just ‘Name’ in the dropdown box, I would expect it to say ‘User Relation > Name’. Is there any chance that you had renamed your relation column after you had already created it? I have seen that cause issues with Rollups, but never for Lookups. I wonder if this is the case. Could you try to delete your lookup and relation columns, and recreate them with the final labels you want (ex. replace ‘New Column’ with ‘User Relation’ before clicking on Done to create the column).



To add to Jeff’s point, normally it should look like this.

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The Email address in the user profile is set to Row Owner.

I think that might be causing the issue so I duplicated the app and removed the Row Owner from the user profile email. The fallout from that is the user profile was reset to empty. I will have to spend a bit of time working thru that issue.

What I did do is change the list value to another value in the post sheet and that value shows across all items as expected. So I think it has everything to do with the user profile. Even though the user name is put in the Posts sheet.

I attempted to delete the lookup and the relation column and it would not let me. It indicates that there is a dependency on those and would not allow for the delete. I will spend more time tomorrow on this and try to isolate the issue.

As far as the indirection name in the Relation column on the lookup component, if I click the dropdown arrow the only item that is selectable is the relation item and if I expand that the name field is there and I clicked it. Don’t know why the indirection isn’t showing. I have seen the indirection on other sheets use of the relation value.

Thank you for all your assistance.


You would have to remove anything that uses that relation and/or lookup before you can delete them. As an alternative, just create a second set for testing purposes.

I’m probably leaning more towards a row owner issue. Row owner will only make those rows that match the signed in user’s email available throughout the app. I guess to me, having a submitter is pointless if you are locking down you app to only data from that specific user. To me you would only be viewing data where the signed in user is the submitter.

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I think that this is absolutely a Row Owner issue. The user profile rows contain the user name and I have set Row Owner on the email in the user profile. From my understanding all data in that row is restricted for use by only that user (Email account). The user profile row contains Name as one of the elements. If I am understanding, that name column is only visible when that matching email account is in use. So all other user’s name is not visible.

Now I have to figure out how to remove row owner without causing a mess. I tried this on a copy of the app (and copied the sheets as well) and when I remove the row owner all the rows of the user profile are removed as well.

What a tangled web I have woven… :nerd_face:

Thank you all for your assistance on this. I appreciate it very much.

Maybe you can make a copy of the user profile sheet, remove row owner, then restore the data from the copy.

User Profile functionality will always point the the row that matches the signed in user regardless of row ownership. Removing Row Owners will open up all the data to be accessible via relations and lookups, bit the User Profile functionality will still work as intended.

I don’t personally use Row Owners, bit I view it as a way to protect sensitive information by absolutely restricting access to that data if the email does not match that of the signed in user. If you intend for users to still be able to access and use that data, even if limited, then Row Owners will not work for you.

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I copied the user profile sheet and pasted into a new sheet. I then went into the data editor from the dev and removed the row owner. The contents of the sheet disappeared from the data editor view. When looking at the sheet in Google Sheets though the data is there. It appears that Glide contains some “shadow” data controls that have been removed.

So I think I am getting closer but now have to re-establish the sign on to the sheet (or something in the link is now broken)…

I will continue down this path now and should be able to figure it out, otherwise I will do research and if I don’t find an answer will post another question here.

Thank you


Just an update. The Row Owner on the user profile row was definitely causing the name value in the row to not be visible to all users. This was a misunderstanding on my part and a classic “user error”…

Thank you all for your time.


Hello, I’m hoping you see this because I seem to have the same issue. I have established a relationship between 2 tables - Document Master and Staff Status Data. (I’m trying to track who has read which of the documents.)
Although I have a relationship between the 2 tables and I have not set any row owner (using only row ID, I’m filtering the list displayed by setting the UI filter to if viewer is the current login).
I cannot see the relationship listed at all in the UI when I try to choose for an inline list data source.


The relationship has to be there because I’m able to get correct data in my Lookup columns… but I can’t see the lookup columns either in the UI view. Can you please help me understand what I’ve done wrong? Thank you so much!

Sounds like you are trying to use a Single Relation in an Inline List. That won’t work because by definition a single relation links to a single row.

To use a relation as the source of an inline list, it must be a multiple relation.

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First of all - my gosh thank you, the support level here is awesome!
You were absolutely right on my having used a single relation, I corrected it as you said to multiple… but apparently I’ve still botched it because lookup fetches data in the column but I can’t display the info I think I need to learn this more, I’m making some other mistake as well… Maybe I should start with checking if there is any significance of which way a relationship goes - if which table you set as origin and destination change anything or is it just a bidirectional link.
Thanks so much for all your kind help!

It might be that you need both, it’s a little difficult to tell from what you’ve described.

I guess the important thing is to understand the difference. Have a read/review of the following:

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Thanks so much for the pointer, I’ll do that today! Really appreciate your guidance :slight_smile: