Lookup column not found in chart data label

My app’s URL: pusu8.glideapp.io

I’ve made a lookup column for profile name in my ‘Votes’ sheet, but when I tried to select it as a label for the donut chart, it lookup name isn’t available in the label’s dropdown.

Chart can been seen at Scoreboard tab



You should try to rename the column “Owner Name”, there’s maybe a conflict with the “Owner” column. Try a name different, which doesn’t exist in your sheet.

I created another lookup called Voter Name… still no luck.

Really strange… Have you tried to refresh the data in Glide builder?

And in the Label setting field, nothing after “Yes No”? Your screen seems to be small, the lookup column is maybe not displayed but available

Do you need to scroll down in that menu?

I can actually see the same issue, it looks like it could be a bug.

I have tried refresh. The dropdown isn’t scroll-able.

It had showed up once, but not after I created the Yes/No if else column.

It looks like the relation for that lookup may have Multiple selected.


Thank Jeff! That was the problem.