Looking for a template to track Video Conferencing Family preferences

Hi everyone,

With everyone having to video conference these days to connect with others I’m looking for a simple template where family members and friends can fill out what is their preferred video conference platform to be contacted on… that way everyone else can go in a check what the other people prefer.

Any pointers to existing templates like this (or that could be tweaked easily) much appreciated.


Will use this comment thread to share what I find with everyone in case you need it to:


Found this comment post with a template by @Robert_Petitto so checking that out to see if It can be modified for this

@Mark_Turrell has an app in which his users can mark communication preferences. Otherwise, I’d be happy to whip something up for you.

Thank you Robert. I can’t find a link to Mark’s app in the forum when I search, do you know if Mark has published it as a template somewhere?

He probably hasn’t published it. Were you looking for a generic directory app but with specific methods of contact? Should the users include ALL forms of contact but “star” the ones they prefer?

Thanks for the quick response Robert.

Here is where I’m at so far:
1)they log in
2)they answer a form that gives the options

screenshot of my progress so far:

By the way, any pointers on how to create a “Submit button” at the bottom of the form?

Hey, if you want to make your form fields more dynamic, you could use this little trick:

Let users add links to videos and display in app

I like the idea of “Do you have ___” (yes/no). Make this required to get rid of the “—“ option. If they have it they can enter their information and then a check box if it’s (one of) their preferred methods of communication.

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There is no way to create a submit button at the bottom of the form. For now you have to use the submit button at the top right of the page.