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To make connecting with their teachers as frictionless as possible, last night I built this Student Remote Learning App for our student population. When students sign in, they’ll see their custom schedule with contact information for their teachers and links to the teachers’ Personal Meeting Room in Zoom. If teachers sign in, they’ll be prompted to download the Teacher app, but have the ability to view a master list of all Zoom Meeting Links.

In 3 hours, 300 students signed in and have given feedback that it’s been incredibly helpful. Thanks Glide for the platform to make all this possible.


Congrats @Robert_Petitto, it’s fun to put something together, watch it get a life of its own, and be able to handle issues that come up with that much traction at once. Nicely done.

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Great job.

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@Robert_Petitto you are doing nice stuff robert.

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Hey Robert! Can we do a case study on this? Pick a time to chat if we can!


Excellent! Congrats and keep up the good work! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :five:

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Right back at you!:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

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Thanks @Krivo!

This looks great! Phenomenal idea!!

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Hi, I am the Treasurer on the governing body of a secondary school in South Africa, where we are currently in three weeks lockdown. I got a Google Education account for the school last year, but it has not really been used yet - until now.

We are currently switching all our teachers over to Google Classroom, and need to start classes this week.

Can I copy this app to the schools account, and distribute it amongst the learners (560 kids)? Is there special or free pricing for schools (finances are our biggest challenge, and the lockdown will not improve the situation).

Thanks in advance
Reinier Mostert

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Hi @Reinier_Mostert,

I posted the free version of this app here:

Due to limitations with the free plan, you won’t be able to use it (for free) with a student body of 500+ students. However, it doesn’t hurt to copy the app for yourself and then reach out to Glide admins to see if they’d be willing to offer you a solution.

This Glide app is the #3 website students are visiting:

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What a great, powerful app!

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