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One of the most successful apps that I built was a student lookup tool for faculty. Prior to this tool, teachers had to call to the front desk to determine which class a student was attending, then had to reference several documents to verify the classroom teacher’s contact information in order to ultimately contact the student.

With this Student Lookup app, teachers were finally and easily able to get schedule and contact information for any student in the school. Using Glide’s email and phone component, teachers also saved precious time by having the ability to contact parents directly from the app.

A basic copy of the app I created is now available for free for anyone who wants it:

In my deployed version, the app also contained assessment information, accommodation lists, links to Zoom profile pages and more.


Looks great Robert!

I guess the ideal customer profile here is school that don’t have a comprehensive Student Management System?

Possibly. But In actuality, I built it to work alongside our SIS. Our SIS was only available to select few admins but teachers needed a way to lookup student data. Likewise our interactive gradebook allows teachers to look up demographics and contact information, but they found this app much easier to navigate and communicate with parents due to the immediate access to the information. I also managed to bring in assessment data, accommodations, technology insurance, and other bits of information to form one comprehensive platform.

Just curious - did you have to work through educational policy issues to be able to place student information in a Google Sheet?

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Personally, I didn’t. Since we’re a Google Apps for Education school, our GSuite environment is a bit different than that of a GSuite for Business or Personal Google environment. Placing our students’ information in Sheets is FERPA and COPPA compliant. I just make sure that the app is whitelisted to our domain only.

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Thanks for the info! I’ll see if such an arrangement can work with our school district!


Robert, do you work in schools? I ask, because I am working on an app for schools and need some support. If you are in schools I think you’d be a good fit for some help on an app. thanks ( I need student assessment and a few other features added to my jump rope app)

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I do! By day I’m a K-12 educator. Ask away and I’ll see if I can support you.