How to have a teacher make a study schedule for each student

I’m creating a learning application using Glide.
I want teachers to create schedules for each student, and for students to check them to learn.
Because it is a premium personalized learning app, students have their own schedules.

User story:

  • The teacher creates a schedule for each student.
  • The schedule includes tasks to be completed based on the date.
  • There may be multiple tasks to be completed in a day.
  • The student can view their schedule and tasks planned by their teacher.
  • Students must complete the tasks and upload the assignment files to complete the tasks.
  • The completed screen must be shown to teachers.

I am new to Glide, and I am having a lot of difficulty building this app.
I am considering integrating with Google Calendar and Zapier.
I need your various ideas.
I would appreciate your help. :joy:

Welcome to Glide.

  • Overall, the features you wish to build seem doable with Glide.
  • You might want to check Glide’s pricing page. I’m not sure your project would be viable if you built a private app for 250 students for instance.
  • Robert Pettito builds a lot for education, you can find his profile and then contact him if need be on the Glide experts page.
  • If you need to get started with your build, head to Glide University and Glide Documentation to become familiar with the building blocks of app development on Glide.