Please help with "schedule and rate" app

Hello, i try to create app for private music school with simple interface. Think it might be usefull for other people who want to manage courses, and small education groups.

link to the app -

Two goals, that i would like to reach:

  1. Schedule for each teacher
  2. grade of each lesson by 5-6 metrics (interest,rhythm, quality, musicality)

Logic of interaction with app:

  1. Teacher log into the app
  2. Sees personal schedule for today (Main tab)
  3. Presses to pupil name in schedule
  4. Sees switch “Was pupil on lesson?”
  5. If switch in “yes” position, app shows form to enter grades.

Pupils tab.
Here all of pupils, that already study in school.

If we need to add new pupil, just push to “plus” and enter information about new pupil. After that go into icon of new pupil and enter schedule information. When schedule entered, press “Save schedule”. After that schedule through zapier sended to google calendar with repeat every week.

Right now schedule is don’t displayed on main tab and i look for way to do it.
Perhaps method with zapier too complex and i can do it with standard tools ?
If no, i will have to use zapier for import calendar to “main” tab.

If you could give me some information how to produce it, or some references or advices about app architecure it will be great! I will glad to everything usefull things!

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