Glide Apps for Students

I am a middle school teacher in Baltimore. I was hoping to introduce students to app development using glide app so they can create something and see a product from all the work they put in. Has someone already done this or do you have some suggestions so I don’t reinvent the wheel on this.

As of now I was just going to download a pre-made template to save time, but it would be more effective to have the students input data to learn how sheets work but need to keep it super simple.

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I am planning to do something similar as well. However, with students, the first hurdle is teaching what spreadsheets are and how to organize the data, regardless of how it should be set up for Glide.

I can’t say for sure if this is going to be hard, or easy with students.
A good starting point would be to identify solutions (apps) that the students can relate with.

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What is the age group? Depending on the school system it can range from 1st through 8th right? I am not a school teacher but have worked with my grandkids on building a few apps,

I’m working with 6th-8th grade student

I think a good start would be to come up with a simple app idea as a group and work on it together. I’m sure as you work on it, you and several students will have additional ideas for features or design. Once the basics are covered, you could set them loose on their own individual apps of their choosing, or you could come up with a set of data in a spreadsheet and let them use their own vision to create the UI. Although templates are handy, I like developing the basic skeleton of a program and then building in new features or modifying the design. Starting with a mostly developed app can be a little overwhelming for beginners, but starting with something basic and building upon it is the most fun for me.

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@Christopher_Salber Last year I tried to help my daughter and grandson with creating a simple system to list his homework. I thought it would be a snap as the school uses Google Classroom. Well I logged into GC and it didn’t take me very long to realize that there was no consistency or reliability in the assignments given by the teachers for their classes for each day. I don’t really know or remember if it was how the teachers were using GC or if it was GC itself or a combination of both. Without sounding arrogant I’m pretty good a data analysis and figuring out software programs and was totally stumped. So that said…
My idea would be to have the students create a homework app. It would be great if you could get the other teachers involved, but if not you could have select students have the “teachers app” so they could put in the assignments for an assigned to them class. There would be actually two apps, one for students and one for the teachers/helper students. They would both point to the same spreadsheet. Obviously the teachers/helper students would be able to create entries for each days assignment. The student app would show the assignments by teacher and class. The students could “favorite” their classes and have all their homework assignments at their fingertips. It would be pretty simple for the students to create the app. If you go with that idea I’d be happy to work with you to develop the lesson plans.

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BTW the parents would be able to use it as well to check to see if their child had homework or not. Then again you may already have a good system in place for that.

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I’m a high school teacher in Spain. This year I want my students to develop a glideapp about digital citizenship. I will show them some apps made to show information, like or trending.glideapp or, and ask to design and build hteir own model about the topic

I think your ideas are great. I am also at an IB school, I’ll see if the coordinator wants to include something to present their community project. Didn’t think about doing a digital citizenship in with it, would tie in well with my ISTE certification too. Thanks

Thanks for the idea. That will work well as an intro with my students. Should be simple and relateable for the students.

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Don’t forget about the favorites feature. With that students can “favorite” their specific teachers and not have to scroll down the entire list of teachers to find them. They would all be in on tab on the app. Remember that the app would have to require emails, either whitelist or public, so there is an identifier as to who is logged into the app.

just reading this … did anyone here do something cool?

I’m working on an app to track students homework. In the video I explain an old version.
New version allows to filter both done and undone assignments and parents can see what their child has already done and what is missing.

Any suggestions would be welcome.