Help with developing glide based app

Hi … Newbie here …

I just started learning Glide app development …

Is there someone who can help me with developing the sample app (from UI design & Excel sheet structure perspective) via zoom sessions?

someone please help me out.

I’m reachable via email and mobile +1 (612) 479-4469 (EST time zone).

What type of app are you trying to build? There are a lot of free templates on the store for you to learn from.

Do check out the Youtube videos on Glide Apps… Will give you all the glimpse and understand required. Follow along and create your own apps.

Here is the Link:

If you still require any help don’t hesitate to drop a message.

Hi @ThinhDinh and @Coupons_Deal

Thank you for your responses.
I checked the learning videos … great suggestion. I still find trouble with developing something.

I’m trying to build an app for students to order academic books based on their level of education.

Ideally, I’m trying to reproduce the below steps performed by a prospective student using my app:

  1. Open the app and click on the ORDER NOW form button on the home page.

  2. Select the Education Level (Choice options: School, Inter, Bachelors, Masters)

  3. Select Class based on the education level selection (When SCHOOL is selected in step 2, the choice options for Class in this step 3 should show only 6th grade, 7th Grade … 10th Grade and when INTER is selected in step 2, the choice options for Class in this step 3 should show only Inter 1st yr, Inter 2nd yr)

  4. Next, select an option for the Year choice field which is visible only if the choice selection in step 2 is either Inter or Bachelors or Masters

Little help pointing in the right direction, please.

Thank you,

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I have just sent you a personal message, please check it. Thanks a lot and have a nice day.