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I’ve been exploring Glide for a while now and I’m amazed with the possibilities.

This is so inspiring that got me thinking that people should be teaching it at schools.

I’m just a marketeer and definitely not a teacher, but I wonder the difference it could make in the professional future of a 14 years old teenager that is struggling to connect what they learn in school with the real life skills demanded by the market.

This is a great way to take a spreadsheet, something that pretty much every Gen Z kid is born knowing how it works, and abstract it to the concept of databases and programming languages. It bridges the gap between people and technology, empowering them to actually come up with solutions without knowing much about design and software development. It’s a perfect gateway to get hooked dive deep on a promising career path.

It would be nice to have some sort of educational program, where Glide partners up with schools and provide special access to students. It could work kinda like Glide for Organizations, but with educational purposes and different prices. I can clearly see it becoming something huge and Glide beating the shit out of Adobe and Microsoft in this market.

What you guys think about it?

Does anyone have already tried to teach kids how to build apps with Glide?


As a young startup, we cannot focus on this area yet. But we already have tens of thousands of students and teachers using Glide, and it continues to grow. In other words, we’re already doing this.


As a young startup, you guys are doing a wonderful and inspiring job.

Amazing vision and great execution.

I’m happy to know that thousands of kids are already learning powerful skills with Glide.

No doubts Glide has a bright future ahead.

Congratulations for everyone involved.

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Yup! I’m one of em! I ran a Glide camp earlier in the year and have trained over 30 teachers on how to use Glide in their classrooms. Teachers have used it to create gamification dashboards, reading logs and assignment management. Students have used it to create book reports, curated resource lists and questionnaires. I’ve been teaching my 12yo how to create apps and she’s in the middle of a Pinterest style vacation planner.

Teaching kids the power of nocode tools can certainly be a amazing way to empower them and prepare them for the future!


I’m checking glide for k-12. Can you reffer me to existing examples?

Welcome to the community.

For those not in the know - what is k-12?

Examples of what do you require?


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If you’re looking for examples, the template library is a good place to see what is possible with Glide in the Education space:

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Are you looking for example of what students could make for themselves and class?
Are you looking for example of what teachers could make for k12 students?

Big difference!

k12 = Kindergarten to 12th grade (at least in the USA)


K-12 = kindergarten through 12th grade :upside_down_face:

Ahh I see, we don’t use kindergarten as a
common term in the U.K. :uk: hence the question

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Hi @Tamar_Haritan!

As a K-12 Educator and Glide Expert, I’d be happy to show you what’s possible. Set up a meeting with me at your convenience:


I’m a teacher (high school) and teacher trainer (different ages).
Will check the suggested options I got here👍