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I was originally going to write an email but I thought using the fourm might be a good idea too!
Dear Team Glide,

I am Clement, a high school student based in HK. Recently, I have been running a no-code/low-code school club and glide is the first tool we introduced to our members! It is intuitive, easy to use, and easy to deploy! We really look forward to promoting the Glide platform to the school body by delivering a great app that all students use on a daily basis.

Fortunately/Unfortunately, we have attracted the interest of a group of peers and we are initially aiming to develop and propose an app for school wide use to promote the use of low code development platforms.

We would love to use glide but we are concerned about pricing as although I understand your team offers education discounts at 40*(0.2*no. of users), it is not very realistic for every student who want to experiment with email collection and other glide features to shell out $30-40USD.

To promote glide to all students, we are working on a school wide app to bring to light the possibilities with glide. However, the costs will quickly rise if we end up successfully persuading the school in adopting the app(s), and deploy it to the hundreds/thousands of students, and end up with all of our peers creating their own apps with glide for the school that require email sign in - requiring a $40/month payment.

Unfortunately, if we have to pay $30-40USD for every single app we create just to collect email addresses, as students who have virtually no spending power, our club may be forced to switch to recommend other more student price friendly platforms like Microsoft Power Apps(basically free for schools), App Gyver(free), or Budibase (free, open source, and self hosted)

The main features that we actually require and aren’t available in the free tier are mainly:

  • Email collection
  • More rows & edits

We fully appreciate that glide is an amazing platform that totally deserves to be paid. However, to dominate the market and create “a billion new software developers by 2030”, it is equally important to dominate in the education sector for long term gains where in a few years, High school students will graduate and promote the platform to their future employers!

**Our proposal is to create an education tier that retains the glide branding (we are happy to promote the tool we use!) while allowing for email collection, more data rows, sheet updates, and more zapier actions.

From some form posts, we can see that one of the problems with scaling is google sheets. We are okay with using alternate/self hosted data sources if that will save you money!**

We really hope there can be some form of steep discount that will help us stick with and promote the glide platform across our school!

Thanks for your time for reading the email.

(PS: I am not representing the school’s opinion. The above is only my own personal opinion as a student!)

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Glide offers education discounts at the team folder level. I understand that it might not meet your needs though.

Whole-heartedly agree with this statement:

I’ve talked with @DJP about this very thing.

On a secondary note, I’d love to hear more about your club. I work as a K-12 educator at a private school in Atlanta and I’m always looking for fresh ideas.

Mind sending me a PM?


@Robert_Petitto Of course! I will send you a PM/DM! It is a pleasure to communicate with you, as a famous glide expert on YouTube!

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I’m doing the sort of same thing. I’m a student, and I have a Glideapp (two actually) that I want to use to change my state, starting with my community. I published my V1 onto the Amazon App Store, but I want to mess around with the more advanced integrations and AI. I want people to be able to see data that I don’t have to put in myself. I’ve spent around 3 years on this, and the Maker plan is good, even though I don’t have the money to pay for it. I would love it if somebody could help me or maybe provide a donation/promotional code.

Love your school app idea,
Collin Stedham

CEO of FarmlyNC, UX designer