Number of internal / external portals for 12k+ edu / business users


As I’m still waiting to hear from Glide’s sales team (how long does it usually take?), I thought the community might be able to help me with my question.

Would Glide be appropriate for the scenario below? I don’t mind opting for the enterprise plan.

I’m looking for a no-code/low-code platform for my client who is looking to rebuild their tech stack for 12,000 students and educators (external users), around 20 educational corporate content partners (business users), and fewer than 100 internal employees (internal users).

We are looking for a platform that would enable us to build several external and internal portals that could be easily integrated and replicated. Our initial vision is to build different portals for each content category that would integrate with a central user account database (built using the tool/Glide or an external system like Xano) so each student could access the content portal.

Each portal could have separate content provided by partners, or we could use a permission-based approach to have one portal. Students and educators would then have their own portals to consume educational content and interact.

We normally work with FlutterFlow, Xano, Bubble, and OpenAI, but for this project, we would like to move even faster and use a tool that has the building blocks and backend ready.

Thank you!

Has the sales team got back to you? I think that’s a big amount of users and Enterprise seems the way to go, though you also need to watch out for your updates count if you go that way.

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Thank you for the reply. I haven’t received any response from Glide sales yet.

Does the support team work the same way as sales?

My main concerns are updates and limitations with personal email domains.

I believe they are separate and you should talk to sales on this, not support.

Yeah, updates are count differently on Enterprise for Glide Tables, so that’s one thing you should take note.

I don’t know what the limit is for users on the Enterprise plan, would need to talk to sales to know that.

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I’m after the call with sales, probably the Enterprise plan would be the way to go, but our concern is that with the number of users and planned features the cost will skyrocket on the usage side.

So we will think about it, and either cut drastically the functionality to use Glide or go with different tools that we already know work well just need more time to create upfront.

Thank you for your help.

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Thank you for the update.

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