Mini SIS + LMS

Hello Everyone,

I would like to share with you my short journey with glide app platform. A brief background, I am a Lead product manager with an engineering background and work for tech startups. I know how much time and effort it takes to build actual apps and platforms. My wife manages a non-profit summer children academy that has about 15 teachers and 200 students this summer. I was helping her with managing their student records using G-sheets and she asked me to make them an app to help manage the academy and I was like you can’t afford that!. but then I remembered the no-code systems I keep hearing about and thought about giving it a chance.

Currently, they are using:

Google forms for admission
Google sheets for (students, groups, teachers, activities and attendance information)
WhatsApp groups with children’s parents

I had no idea about available no-code app builders and had to check a few such as (bubble, thunkable, appsheets, adalo, glide) and after the first research glide was the most promising one to solve the academy’s needs. After a week I’ve built the following 3 apps:

Management App:

  • View student’s lists with filter using groups
  • Manage student information
  • Managing student groups
  • Manage teacher’s information
  • Taking teacher’s attendance
  • Groups reports
  • Attendance reports (teachers, students)

Teacher App:

  • View their group student profiles
  • Take students attendance
  • Add daily homework
  • Add daily activities report (will show up on leaderboard)

Parent App:

  • View their children’s profiles
  • View homework (with comments)
  • View weekly Leaderboard

What amazed me was being able to create a fully functioning platform with about 4 different roles (Admin, Officer, Teacher, Parent) in just 5 days (including learning of the system) and they keep requesting new features (and reports) and takes me like 1-2 hours and they have it. That’s really fascinating!


Thanks for sharing. I really like how you split your roles (management, teachers, parents) into three separate apps.


Nicely done! Glide + Education space is certainly a winning combination!


Thank you Robert for your great content!, it really helped me getting into the system.

Happy to have contributed!