Help For a beginner

Im looking for a robust no-code tool to build a complete management app for the coworking space (much like wework) i work for and essentially wanted to know whether it was even possible on glide before i invest my time into diving deeper.

What features i hope to build -

Inventory/space management -
revenue tracking -
cost tracking -
lead management -
Client management -
Attendance/visitor tracking -
Staff/project management -

Extra - Possibly a bridge to open/schedule access to meeting and conference rooms.

Sorry, i may have posted my query without elaborating what my specific doubts were.

For the most part it appears that everything i stated in my earlier post is possible.

What i wanted clarity on was whether it can run self sufficiently once built.

to be specific -

Is it possible for the user to create a lead, convert it to an active client and track the progress without manually manipulating the data sheets its built on??

Thanks itโ€™s really useful for me!

@Divit_Glide - Depends on how you build your app, but generally? Yes. :slight_smile:

There are multiple ways to approach this. For example:

You could have one data table for all your contacts, and set a column value to their status, e.g. Prospect, Lead, Active Client, etc.

You could also have different data tables for the different statuses, e.g. one table for prospects, one for leads, one for active clients, etcโ€ฆ

Either way, youโ€™d build the layout (interface) for interacting with those data tables, and youโ€™d be able to move them between status, add contact details, notes, etcโ€ฆ without having to manually manipulate the source data directly.

Check out the Company CRM template for an example of how to pull this off. :+1:


Glide is well suited for these use cases. You should be able to find most if not all of these in Glideโ€™s template gallery.

This one can become technical, after all some software companies specialize in just offering calendar/scheduling software. @Loqode has two tutorials for this exactly.