A Glide succes story

@eltintero tells his story:


Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I remember when @eltintero showcased it here.

Thanks for posting, and thank you to Glide for making it possible!


Let’s have some more

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You refer to things Glide can’t do in the interview. What are the most important ones?

Hey Mark. I wasn’t complaining!
It’s just more specific requests from customers for particular apps.

A couple come to mind: (app.cancuntour.app)
1.- Say we want to sell from the app a tour/yatch/activity. Even though if I have infinite inventory, I’d still need that purchase to be linked to a date. As far as I understand, there’s no way for me to do that: sell a service linked to X date.

2.- Another customer (app.mareazul.com) is moving from their “hospitality app” to ours, but there are several things we fall short on:
2.1 There’s no “chat” version within the app, to speak to customer service
2.2 There’s no “easy” way to send the guest the smart-key code for the guest to do self check-in (I don’t want to give them access to the Google Sheet)
2.3 Currently, their welcome app has a sign-in module, so you know that Mr John Doe is staying in Suite 101 Dec 11-13, and the home screen has that info; we can’t do that.

As I say, it’s not a complaint, I’ve been in sales and mkt my whole life, and don’t have a problem saying NO to a customer… For my business to grow, I need volume and not a lot of specific development for specific custmers (especially at this VERY low price point). But if a customer needs a very bespoke hospitality app, my guess is that Glide wouldn’t work for them. Custom dev requires $$$, and nobody is willing to pay for that around here.


Thank you for your feedback!

1: To do that now you’d have to have a row for every date. I assume that you don’t want to do that?

2.1: Yes, we definitely need to do that.

2.2 and 2.3: You could make them log into the app with their email and have a row in a “home” sheet where there’s all the info for them. I’m guessing you want the app to be public, without sign-in?


1.- Exactly. Ideally, I’d have a calendar pick, just like in forms, but for buying.
2.2 and 2.3 let me look into that… that’s not a bad option.

  1. in PRO apps, daily statistics about app usage.
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