How do I create a SaaS product using Glide?

I’ve been looking everywhere on Glide for some guidance on building a SaaS product using Glide, but have been unable to find it.

For context, I’d like to build a B2B service that allows Office Managers to track employee office attendance.

It would be billed per employee per month, and the Office Manager (who’s the only person that would need log in access) would be able to decrease and increase the number of users as required.

Thanks! :grinning:

you can use Glide as a UI for the Google web app, and script all these functions

Hey @Uzo, thank you for replying!

Can you share more detail on what you mean by that, please?

If there are any examples, that would be super helpful too!

unfortunately, I can’t share my client’s apps… and is not easy to build a sample.

Glide itself does not have that functions… but Glide is the best platform out there to handle UI for it

I think there are two questions in your request: one about building an attendance app, the other about monetizing your app by using a SaaS business model.

Building an attendance app
An attendance app is a nice use case for Glide. You could use Google Sheets as a data source as Uzo suggested. Glide Tables, Airtable or Excel would be other possible data sources. Which you choose is a matter of personal preference, of performance (Glide Tables is excellent), of the need for certain features that maybe only an external source might provide. Google Sheets for example might be a good choice if you are proficient in Apps Script, Airtable might be a good choice to leverage the native automations of Airtable, Glide Tables would be a good choice for overall performance and simplicity.

SaaS business model
Natively in Glide, there is no system where you the builder could build an app and sell it against monthly recurring revenue. Other ideas however: build and sell a template, sell a one-time build for a client, sell ongoing maintenance for a client.

The following thread is old and some of the ideas are now out of date, but maybe it will give you ideas.

How to monetize Glide


Thank you for taking the time to respond, Nathan!

I’m intrigued by using Google Sheets with App Script, do you have any educational resources for it that you’d recommend?

I don’t know Apps Script at all :pray:

Maybe @Uzo can recommend a YouTube channel or some other resource for you to learn?