Tax Filing App

Hello , I am an Accountant by profession and In our country there is only one app to file your taxation. So I have this idea to create this app, which I believe I can create in html too but I want to use to glide to create that app.

So my question Is Glide the right platform to create this app given following factors,

  1. I can create whole app slash dashboard in excel and I have to just put it into a web app with data bases
    2.There might be alot of conditional formulas in the sheet
  2. It would be a web app
  3. No of users can go be more than 100k

Any reponse would be appreciated . Thank you

In short, I don’t think Glide is the right platform to build a SaaS business.

With Glide, you build software to support an already existing business, not software that has a chance at becoming a business if successful.

Have a good look at Glide’s website, the pricing page, the template gallery. This will give you a better idea of where Glide shines.

For your idea, Glide can do a lot of things, but will also lack a few features you would probably want.

You create the data structure, not the web app, in the data source of your choice, and then build out the frontend side of things in Glide, after connecting your data.