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Hello everyone!
I am a teacher of mathematics and ICT in an elementary school from Zagreb in Croatia. I recently started using Glide and I am delighted what can be done with this app!

So, I have a question, where I can get information on how to buy a subscription for the Glide app for school?
I would like that in addition to the teacher, students can access and work in the Glide app, but that the teacher has the ability to view and control their work. Is this possible?
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Hello @VjeraBA,

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I don’t think there is such a plan at the moment. However, you can create an organization which is also a folder, and invite your students to work there. Caveat is that only one person at a time is allowed.

I hope this helps.


Thanks @SantiagoPerez for quick response. I created my school (organization) and I have a map. I wonder how many students can access (not all at once)? do I need to have a special plan and how much is paid for school?

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The Plans are per app. As far as I know there are not plans the way you mentioned it. I believe it is one person at a time per app. I am not sure but I believe you can have different amount of apps and your student will be able to access them as long is one person per app.

Maybe @ThinhDinh or @eltintero might shed some more light on this.

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At the moment the 1 person at a time per app restriction is still there. As far as I aware there’s no limit on how many people can be invited to your organization, but beware anyone can edit anything and you won’t know who made that edit.


Thanks for the answers @SantiagoPerez and @ThinhDinh!
I need to study Glide better than I will ask again if I don’t understand!


Feel free to ask us if you need help!


If you are wanting your students to be able to access the app and manipulate its design without affecting yours just have the students sign up for free accounts, build the app and release it as a template for them to use and manipulate. There is no cost in any of that and you get to keep your version unaltered.


Great, that’s exactly what I’m looking for! Thank you @Drearystate for the advice and explanation!