Want 40 app for free!

I thank you very much
Since our school does not have the money to spend on making it official
Want to set up to track your child’s learning about their academic performance?
I need about 40 app free classes
because they just visit.

Do have a look at Glide’s pricing page.

A login is needed to secure private user data or to provide a personalized user experience. If you do not need either and if all you need is visitors (not logged in users), then the Free plan might be a good fit for you.

  • Unlimited visitors, up to 10 logins per month: build on the Free plan
  • Unlimited visitors, unlimited logins per month: build on the Maker plan

why the lastime free for sheet but now not free ? I not use sheet for work to glide so your
plan pricing is a little for new costomer

If you are already a Glide account and still have legacy teams in your dashboard (a legacy team is attached to legacy pricing), then you can continue these legacy teams. In a Legacy Free team for instance, you can create an app from a Google Sheet, and your number of updates/syncs will be limited.

On the new Free plan, you can build apps on Glide Tables, and a huge advantage is that you have unlimited updates/syncs to a Glide Table.

All plans include unlimited visitors, which is someone who needs to visit your app but does not need to log in with their email address.

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