School Wide App

So I’m createing an app for my school, it’s about 399 students. How would I create just one app for every single student to use and add classes, zoom links and other school websites???

What I’m asking is how can I make one app for the whole about 399 students to use?

You don’t have to Robert Petitto has already built the perfect template Our School app template • Glide

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I seen that before, but I’m trying to make my own thing. I want my own kind of app, something that I made.


Plus, I can’t pay that much for the app. I have to do something free.

In that case, no problem! We’re here to help. What exactly do you need help setting up? Your sheet? User profiles? Layout/styling?

I have everything set up, the only thing is I don’t know how to just share one app for the whole school of 399 students about. The students will have to add the classes to the app.

If you want I can send you a copy of the app to see it.

I created an app in which students had to put all their classes. How are you doing the onboarding?

How many rows are associated to each student?
I think it is not possible to make a single application for the whole school without reaching the limit of 500 for the free version.

That was my issue. I have 530 students 75 teachers/admins. I needed the Basic plan at least for this app.

@Williams14, if your district/school approves the purchase of my template, I offer “white glove” service to make sure it’s setup for you and your stakeholders.