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I am a new comer. just attended one workshop on no code mobile apps. i want to make a app for my father. he is a homeopathic doctor. i want to place WhatsApp conference call button on home screen so that Dr, nurse and patients can talk to each other. on this covid 19 time my father is charging no fees from patients. Given my father"s old age i don’t want that he go to hospital daily. with this app he can treat as many patients as he can. since last year he charged rs 0 from all patients.

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I use Jitsi for my telemedicine app. It’s free and browser based.

Use a template column to make a custom url to join the user and doctor (your unique url is best as the rowID).

I paid good money to a Jitsi expert to identify the best parameters to simplify the Jitsi experience (remove their splash / Download screen, take away extra buttons, stop the hang up button, etc)[]&config.disableDeepLinking=true&userInfo.displayName=%22name%22

In this URL;

config.prejoinPageEnabled parameter controls whether to show the user a screen where they can test their audio-visual quality and enter a username. By setting it to “false”, we may skip this screen and proceed directly into the meeting.

interfaceConfig.TOOLBAR_BUTTONS parameter controls which buttons to display. By passing it empty, we can keep all the buttons from being visible.

config.disableDeepLinking parameter controls whether to show the user an entry page where they can choose to download the app or proceed in the browser. By setting it true, we can skip this page.

[userInfo.displayName=%22name%22]([]&config.disableDeepLinking=true&userInfo.displayName=%22name%22) parameter sets the name of the user as “name”.

A gift to the community :slight_smile: you need to embed as a webview (Pro apps).

And it works like :star2::champagne::sparkles:


Thanks for sharing these custom parameters!

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Thank you. This is helpful.

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Thankyou very much sir.

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This is fantastic thanks for sharing

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