Login screen broken on iphone

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Describe the bug:
On login screen, I see a white rectangle instead of the keyboard, which means I cannot enter my email address in order to login to the app

Expected Behaviour:
I should see a keyboard instead of a broken white rectangle

How to replicate:
Visit https://fabx.us/ on iPhone on Safari. Try to enter your email.

NOTE: this doesn’t happen every time. It’s random.


Known and reported issue…

It’s not just the login screen, it can happen with any text input field.

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Thanks @Darren_Murphy ! This bug has been around for over a month and no resolution! I can’t release this app because of that.

I suspect that this one might be a bit of a challenge, because (as you noted) it doesn’t happen all the time. And so it could be difficult to reproduce. The first step in fixing any bug is being able to watch it happening in front of you, and being able to reliably and repeatedly make it happen. “Intermittent” bugs are every developers worst nightmare :scream: :rofl:

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Yup I get that. That said, I didn’t see any communication from the team that they are on top of it, which makes me nervous because I can’t go live with this app, with this bug. A bug this fundamental should be moved all the way up to the top of the priority list.

It seems that every time I’m about to go live with a big project, some huge bug shows up…this makes me question whether I can keep using Glide at this point. It’s very unstable and buggy. I literally find bugs on a daily basis. I used to run software companies, so I get the challenge on all levels. That said, we ended up implementing testing automation that helped us get to stability, so maybe Glide team should consider that.

Hola @SuperMerabh

This has been reported and as @Darren_Murphy said it has been difficult to reproduce.

App on Safari

Installed app

If you could make a video of the bug in action with your phone developer console open and submit a ticket, that would be great.

Here’s some instructions on how to enable the dev console on iOS. How to Enable Developer Mode on Your iPhone | by sam john | Medium

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Ok, I am on it. Thanks!

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@SantiagoPerez this seems to have a steep learning curve. Can you simply use my app as an example and get one of your developers to test it with xcode?

I also encountered this strange behaviour on iPhone.
The keyboard doesn’t show when you click to add details on a form or for any time you enter form field details using the phone keyboard.
I would clear history/cookies etc then it works, but randomly happens at times. I haven’t noticed it lately but just thought i should also make a note of the issue here. Since i didn’t see a final response to this issue.:+1:


I managed to screenshot this issue. The keyboard doesn’t show sometimes when filling in a form or when trying to enter text. It is very random and unpredictable. Sometimes it comes back after clear cookies/cache but sometimes it’s not that.
(device is an iPhone 6S, not sure if it could be device related)
Only been happening in the last month or two.


@SantiagoPerez any news about this critical bug? It’s been there since October, as far as I know, and no solution.

We have not been able to reproduce. I will talk to the team again and see if any of us can reproduce it. Thanks for reminding us.

@SantiagoPerez just look at my app (fabx.us) and debug it. You can’t be serious ignoring such a huge bug so many people are complaining about. I literally had to remove the login screen and there for all the user roles features associated with it because people couldn’t pass the login screen. I upgraded this app just so that I can use roles but this bug doedn’s allow me to use any of dependent features.

I just launched the website that promotes this app but can’t really push the app because of this bug. We have a section that requires user roles and we can’t show this section now.

Thank you for being on top of it :pray::pray::pray:

Also, I suggest you look at cache. I believe the problem disappears when clearing cache of the browser.

Besides the keyboard disappearing there is the white strip at the top and possibly they are related. As @Himaladin pointed out…

@SantiagoPerez perhaps you and the team could try to reproduce it with the address bar in the bottom. Your screen shots have the address bar at the top.

I am bitten by the keyboard disappearing bug pretty regularly and just assumed the team was on it.


I am still unable to reproduce with the search bar on the bottom of my scree.

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It’s hard to fix something if it can’t be reproduced or if there is no known way to reproduce the problem. Unfortunately code doesn’t have giant arrows pointing to errors. This is the type of battle I face every day at my job.

I’m less inclined to thing that it’s a glide issue and more of an iOS issue that may or may not be caused by some sort of glide configuration. However, this doesn’t happen for everyone, so maybe we need to find some common patterns that would cause this to happen for certain people.

For anybody that has this issue, what are your regional settings for the OS, the Browser, and the Keyboard? I feel like I’ve seen this complaint more often from Hebrew speaking users compare to other languages. Could it be some sort of incompatibly with RTL languages? Could it be an incompatibility with certain regions? Could it be certain types of keyboard layouts that don’t work with different regional settings?

It’s hard to say what’s happening. I don’t have an iPhone, so I am unable to test anything myself. But I think everyone with the issue needs to chime in with any information that could help surface any patterns that would cause this issue to occur.

I suggest reporting any phone models, iOS versions, browser versions, keyboard versions, any regional settings, any use of third party keyboards. Is Bluetooth on? Has anybody ever connect a Bluetooth keyboard to their device?

I’ve done several Google searches for missing keyboard issues. It seems like it does happen outside of glide, but doesn’t appear to be a widespread issue. (Personally, I’d say dump iPhone because apple seems to cause a lot of issues for people…joking :wink: )

Can anyone with the issue do a Google search and see if any of these issues or solutions seem to help, or at least trigger any ideas for things to check. Most of what I’ve read seems to be resolved by restarting the device or turning off Bluetooth. That’s all I’ve really found so far.

If we can help glide formulate a pattern for when this keyboard issue occurs, then it will make it easier for them to find the cause of the issue. I’ve been on that end of the development process. Enough information from an end user can mean the difference of mere hours to find and fix a problem versus months of research. I’ve spent weeks and months…even years trying to track down a coding issue and in the end it’s usually a couple of characters or one line of code. Reliably reproducing the problem is always the first step. Then it’s understanding how the code should change and what are any possible consequences of that change. After that it’s smooth sailing.


I’m having a keyboard missing issue which also occurs in some apps outside of Glide while using iOS version 15.0. But in a short span of time, Apple released version 15.1 this problem was resolved, except for the white stripe on the top.
I’ve also noticed something odd that might be a starting point for finding the source of the problem. Try changing the appearance theme, especially the BOLD (dark) theme, so the white stripe color can follow the chosen theme in Glide.
Today I also saw Apple release ios 15.2, but I haven’t been able to download it forcibly.

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Unfortunately I can’t tell my users to do that…I don’t know who they are, I don’t have that kind of control, nor would I want to start telling people they need to do this and that just to use the app.

I do have an extra Hebrew keyboard but my default settings are English and my region is USA. The bug is not just seen when using Hebrew keyboard, since the default is English.

Thanks for getting this discussion going and coming up with new ideas @Jeff_Hager. I’ll do some more testing, but really the team should test it with different IOS versions, I don’t have the tools or the knowledge to do that, I can only test with my current version.

I’ll also do testing with different browsers to see if this is a safari issue. :+1: :+1: :+1:

Ok, I did some testing

My iOS version is 15.1.1
Chrome - no problem
Firefox - no problem
Safari - this problem is not there currently but there’s another problem of the app showing weird, with a gap at the bottom, see attached, maybe it is related.

Can the rest of you who had this problem try my app and see if you see this issue and tell us which browser and IOS?

Thank you!